Chrysoprase is an extremely useful stone for improving emotional health. It promotes forgiveness, empathy, self-growth, and self-love.

It is tightly linked to the heart chakra, with which it shares its bright green color.


This is a crystal for happiness, that helps anyone who needs a lift. It promotes joy, self acceptance and independence, as well as forgiveness and compassion towards others. As it promotes joy and happiness, it will assist many who have been finding life difficult to learn more about being happy.


If the Chrysoprase crystal has found its way into your life, take it as a sign that you're in need of an emotional makeover. Known for providing optimism, joy, and happiness.Keep this gemstone in your corner and remember to always look on the bright side, even during cloudy weather.

Chrysoprase Diffuser Bracelet

  • A good rule for any jewelry is - Last on, First off! Please only apply essential oils to the lava beads. Avoid wearing your jewelry while showering, sleeping, swimming, and exercising. Minimize your jewelry's exposure to any chemicals, such as: lotions, oil blends, hairspray, etc. Lastly, you do not need to “clean” the lava stone! Once the scent wears off, simply apply another oil and you are good to go!